New Orleans, Louisianna

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New Orleans, Louisianna

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Hello everyone. I have been using Audacity on an old Thinkpad laptop for about 10 years...and am finally trying to put kxstudio on my machine; with problems though (apt-get cannot find package kxstudio-desktop).
But, I am a street musician in the French Quarter who hasn't played a note there since April 7th, 2020, because of the COVID thing.
I love to record tracks with a guitar and a drum pattern I program, and then go into Musescore and (by setting the tempo to the same rate) add horns and violins and bagpipes, strange Chinese cymbals etc. and just have a blast. I would put a clip here, but right now Soundcloud is telling me I have zero tracks (that happened once before but I forget the solution...disabling no-script maybe) well, Cheers, from NOLA

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Re: New Orleans, Louisianna

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Welcome! I would love to hear your music, when you get the link working. That sounds really eclectic!

I visited New Orleans once and had a good time enjoying the street music in the French Quarter.

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Re: New Orleans, Louisianna

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Welcome! You come from one of the most musical cities ever, how bout that :D
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