Hi everyone

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Hi everyone

Post by kirjis »

Hi everyone, my name is Jussi, I'm originally from Finland, but I've been living in Tenerife, the Canary Islands (Spain), for the past 5 years.
I've played bass guitar since I was 15, so 30 years now, I had a double bass for at least 10 years (sold it when I moved abroad), and got a guitar maybe 6 years ago. I have been in a bunch of bands in Finland, but after moving here I started to make music on my own. I used Garageband for start, but "grew out of it" to put it nicely; I had to decide whether to get Logic or do something else, and Apple being how they are, I decided to try Linux for music again after a few years. I've used Linux for academic work (linguistics) since the late 90s, and I've used Reaper for a very long time on Windows. I also have Mixbus licence, but I find myself going back to Reaper all the time.
I released my first solo album in August 2020, made in Linux (I guess I'll put a link in my signature). I have been lurking here for a couple of years, but now I feel like "I'm part of this community" so ... Nice to meet you all!
My 2020 instrumental funk album (Kumikäki - Le Bob): https://komitea.fi/lebob/
Reaper - Mixbus - Guitarix - Linux Mint 20

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Re: Hi everyone

Post by Basslint »

Welcome Jussi! Nice grooves :D
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Re: Hi everyone

Post by milo »

You had me on the opening bars of the first song. You have a great sound! I'll be listening to this album all day, I think.

Welcome to the forum. I hope to hear more of your tunes in the future.

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