ahoy from Ukraine!

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ahoy from Ukraine!

Post by quoiDraught »

Greetings to everyone! I was just passing by and decided to register.

I was a musician for a while (here's my personal website if somebody's curious! https://quoidraught.neocities.org/) but I've just got into Linux world. I'm mostly happy with my decision, but I'm still in process of rewireing my brain and readjusting my music routine to a new environment.

So this forum feels like a perfect place to exchange experience and learn something new from other members!

Glad to know you all! :)

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Re: ahoy from Ukraine!

Post by Basslint »

Glad you decided to stick around, welcome! :D
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Re: ahoy from Ukraine!

Post by jdfight »

Welcome! I just joined this forum recently myself, but have been making music on Linux for a while now. IMO, It is a much better experience than Windows or Mac.

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Re: ahoy from Ukraine!

Post by milo »

Welcome to Linuxland! It can feel like a foreign country at first when you emigrate from Winland or Macland, but we'll help you find your way around. Please feel free to ask questions, even if you think they are dumb questions. There is an entire subforum just for newbie questions.

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