Glad to be part of the community

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Glad to be part of the community

Post by jdfight »

Greetings everyone! I recently came off of a long hiatus creating new music. I have been spending the last couple years re-focusing on my guitar playing instead. I have always loved Linux audio software and use it exclusively for my productions. I have used both Windows and Macintosh in the past, but have always hated the way that proprietary music software holds your product ransom and sometimes forces you into unnecessary hardware upgrades. With Linux, I can stop troubleshooting plugin authentication errors and get straight to making music. Linux audio software and the community fosters creativity and is truly inspiring to me! I am glad to be here.

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Re: Glad to be part of the community

Post by milo »

Welcome @jdfight! Glad to have you here.

Is your music online somewhere? What kinds of music do yoau like to play?

EDIT: Found your other thread, which answers my question. Will comment over there.

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Re: Glad to be part of the community

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And we are glad to have you here :D
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