Getting started with music

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Getting started with music

Post by wunder_musiker »


after looking around for half a year getting some tips from this forum I finally registered.
Switched to Ubuntu about 4 years ago and took my family with me. Started last year playing guitar and got into those music applications mid last year.
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and a Rockband Drumkit haha :D

Digging into the Music Apps with currently using:
Ardour 6pre - compiled from github - from my perspective midi editing looks fair
Hydrogen - Great Drum App
Cadence/Carla Jack/LinVST - Great
LMMS - Great to create new sounds
Musecore for notation and furthermore...
Luppp + Seq64 + Non-Sequencer for looping & sequencing or just playing around

for the electric guitar Tonestack, Go-DSP-Guitar, Moddevices,Guitarix and Rakkarack. First two mentioned are the easiest to use for a beginner.

Targets: Improve musical skills. Get to know the Apps and recording. Try & Error. Have fun. :P
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Re: Getting started with music

Post by Openmastering »

Hey there and welcome.

You seem to have a solid hardware and software basis to really live your music.
I like that you commit to the Linux audio modular way with non-sequencer and luppp. I find it quite rewarding to craft once own perfect setup.

Keep us tuned
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