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im feedbackloop. I know a lot about linux and have had a job as a linux technician. My second passion is music and i recently started putting more effort into this. I'm also a beginner audio engineer for a live music stage.

I'm not sure what to say more about myself. Right now my setup consist of:

Apodio Linux with the liquorix kernel
3 USB sound cards with each 2 channels input and 2 channels output
a three channel mixer of numark and two turntables

To be honest, i have no F-ing idea what I'm doing with my music. My record collection is large enough for me to start sampling and do something with it.. but what. I mostly enjoy the journey of learning something new and making it my own, however i have not made any songs yet. I hope some day I can make some nice music for people to listen to. My taste changed over the years, and right now i don't really sticking to a genre anymore but have my mood decide what I want to listen. A large part of my vinyl record collection consists mainly of uptempo four-to-the-floor and downtempo breakbeat.
- jazz influences, nu-jazz etc.
- old disco (the funky and jazzy kind of disco)
- minimal house
- weird stuff

Eventually I'm planning to move to Arch Linux, but for now Apodio Linux has been a great start for me to discover all the wonderful tools out there without spending much time on my system. Right now there are two things I want to do with Linux:

- port my turntable workflow to a raspberry pi with touch screen
- start using synthpod with Arch on my laptop


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Re: hi

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Do you use your 3 audio interfaces at once? If yes, how?
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Re: hi

Post by lad »

Hey feedbackloop, welcome.

What are some albums from you minimal house collection if you don't mind. Always on the hunt for more music.

By the way, planning to go with archlinux, any reason in particular? In my limited experience arch seemed to be a little more upkeep (in system configuration as well as in terms of keeping up with rolling updates). I found I prefer a non rolling distro for my audio PCs; I recently switched from Arch to Debian and so far so good! Just something to consider, that's all. Try a few and see what works for ya

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