Groeten uit Nederland

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Groeten uit Nederland

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Greetings from The Netherlands,

Piano and guitar are my main instruments, though I try about anything I can get my hands on. Computer software is another interest and in the past I was always looking for the newest software, including synths and DAWs. Nowadays I've settled on Yoshimi, Sequencer64 and Ardour. Lately I've been practising playing with drums stick on various home made attributes. Weird stuff like xenharmonic tunings and odd time signatures seem to attract me. For example Meshuggah or Tigran Hamasyan. Most of my recording are more musical sketches than songs. Perhaps I like exploring music by doing more than playing a song. Though sometimes I cover some simple pop songs instead of all more complex stuff.

The Linux distribution of my choice is Slackware, running on a somewhat older (a bit too noisy) system. Audio hardware is a Roland Rubix 22 which I mainly use with a single microphone. As a MIDI controller/keyboard I have a Edirol PCR-800.

I hope to see what this forum can offer me, and what I can offer in return.

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Re: Groeten uit Nederland

Post by raboof »

Welcome! Seems like quite a few of us around here ;)

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Re: Groeten uit Nederland

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Dutchies unite!

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