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Steevc is back!

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Some of you may remember I used to hang around this forum a lot a few years back, but I was not doing much recording for a while. I have kept making music at local sessions and I have formed a duo with a clarinettist. We play old jazz tunes. I have also written a few of my own songs and want to get those recorded. I have all this gear at home and should make use of it.

After Ubuntu 19.10 messed up my PC during an upgrade I did a fresh install of Ubuntu Studio. That is looking pretty good so far. I have done some test recordings in Ardour with hardly any signs of xruns. I am using a second hand M-Audio Fast Track Pro for now, but may look into getting a USB2 interface next year. I was playing around the other day recording some vocal test where I was controlling everything from my nanoKontrol.

I am trying to get up to date with things like the available plug-ins. Studio comes with hundreds and I see a few active projects out there. I probably just need a few for my stuff. It seems that some of the good sources of Linux audio news have gone quiet in recent years. Are there any relevant podcasts these days?

I am posting about my progress on the Steem blockchain social platform that I have used for the last few years. I have had a few people expressing interest. I could put some of what I earn there towards my new interface. ... xperiments

This is my duo

See you around.
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