Hello from Norway

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Hello from Norway

Post by cjoke »

Hi, My name is Allan Olsen.

I've been on the road and a live musician my whole life, im 49 years old now. And for my legacy I decided to work on my own music, with my favourite linux distro Ubuntu, since its debianbased and I love the packagesystem. dpkg and apt-get is relief. Well...

I play mostly blues, funck, soul and rock with some flavours a jazzy elements.
Instruments - vocals, guitar and some keys, I know my circle of fifths so I can after a few hours play any instrument with a dash of soul ;)
daw - Ardour and probably mixbus (checking out these days)

Gear - Focusrite Scarlett 2 gen 18i20 and Octopre (16 preamps), midicontroller/keyboard CODE49

I use my gear for live recordings mainly with my band (trio) so 16 channels is more then enough for use.
I Also make loops Midi and audio, working on ideas that comes to my head. Some of them reach the state of whole arrangements and some do not.

I am up for collaborate with other musicians world wide, so If someone's interested just pm me.
Love, people, music, beer and lot of other stuff.

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Re: Hello from Norway

Post by milo »

Welcome cjoke! Happy to have you here!

Do you have any recordings you can post a link to? I'm curious to hear your sound.

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