bardarbunga sais hi

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bardarbunga sais hi

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Howdy y'all!

I wanted to go open source with my stuff for a while now and I just decided to make the move. I really like the whole idea behind it and that it's running on a dirt cheap set up.
I went directly for Ubuntu Studio. Love the make up and that it comes with everything (and so much more than) I need... I just hope to get any of this stuff to work before I lose my patience (and move back to ios) :lol:
What I mainly want to do is experimental ambient music, some metal and scores/ sound design for my movies. I play the guitar, a little midi keyboard and I just developed a deep desire to play the vase.

Anyways, I already feel welcome after reading the newbie section and the rules!
Greetings from the Germany :>

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Re: bardarbunga sais hi

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Welcome, fellow musician.
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Re: bardarbunga sais hi

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And a welcome from me too... fellow explorer :)

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