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Bass Player UK

Post by geebass »

Hi all,

I have been a Linux user for over 10 years now, started off with Ubuntu and switched over to Mint 4 years ago. I am a bass player and I have been getting ever more frustrated with the MS Windows ecosystem (Seriously, Windows 10 is the worst OS I have used so far, but unfortunately need to use it for work purposes) I pieced my desktop PC together, but I want to put together my own little music studio but with Linux. I will probably have a ton of questions but looking forward to joining in with this cool community.

LINUX ROCKS!!!!!! 8)

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Re: Bass Player UK

Post by milo »

Welcome to the forum! I suggest that you start by enabling the kxstudio repos. I also use Mint, and kstudio works well on my system. My second suggestion is that you check out Guitarix. I can't believe I ever recorded guitar and bass without it.

Do you already have an idea what DAW you want to use? And what audio interface are you using?

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Re: Bass Player UK

Post by Linuxmusician01 »

Just like @Milo I'm interested too in what audio device/interface you use.

P.S. My next distro is gonna be Ubuntu again. I use Mint now too because Ubuntu had Unity as desktop environment, which they ditched.

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