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Posted: Sat May 25, 2019 10:17 pm
by langoring_composer
Hi, i came back. make music, and with Linux.

During recent years, I've been assaulted, drugged (I HATE DRUGS!!), raped, abducted, witnessed a drive-by shooting from a few yards away, had my boots, transformers autobot sweatshirt, FBI business card (from a helpful person), checkbook, and possibly other items stolen from me BY HOSPITAL STAFFMEMBERS, no less.

All of my email and webpage accounts got stolen. And sometimes I don't even get my postal mail.
Just yesterday I found out that somebody unauthorized altered my insurance company provider preferences.

A few weeks ago, I accidentally sat down at the same food pantry table as somebody who threatened to kill me and a friend of mine. Not much happened: we peacefully at dinner and he must've not remembered me because he even warned me not to go to a local dangerous area where several people had been shot or stabbed or murdered. He turned out to be telling the truth. It's really nice that there we were not fighting.

Recently, all of my remaining physical music, image, text, program, and OS archives were stolen from me.

I still find other people's fingerprints on my DVD-roms from time to time. (I don't hold DVD's that way; idiots do).

So what does this all mean to the rest of you?

Answer: The saboteurs can't win. I intend to make music (good music) and it will not be by jumping on the smartphone and mainstream corporate bandwagon. I may never discover what the heck was going on behind the scenes, but that's not my main priority.

I'm a long time electronic music composer. My collegiate degree is tailored towards creativity, somewhat with music in mind. I have other talents, but music-making is the least of anybody else's problems. And I like it that way.

I've been using Linux audio systems since about 2013, although I first started learning a tiny bit of unix stuff back in the early 1990s when my educationally generous college friends taught me a bit on the side.

I'm familiar with most digital audio topics up to a point.
A lot of people are probably familiar with me, too. But I'm not in this life to socialise much.
I spent a lot of lonely friday and saturday nights learning about electronic music and making some too. Most of my friends were out meeting their back-then future wives and husbands. I can handle about one person at a time socially, and that's only when i'm not getting attacked by random wierdos coming out of the woodwork.

Sorry to sound dismal, but please don't complain, that's my true bio. It's important because I'm heavily motivated to continue making imaginative electronic music. It's either that, or _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________... and we wouldn't want that.

The thing I like most about music is that while enjoying it a person can still think other thoughts of their own.
The same can't usually be said about video or television or conversational formats.

Nevertheless, music is still a valid way to communicate intangeable ideas.
And that is NOT A PROBLEM. :lol: :mrgreen:

P.S.-watch the movie "Source Code" if you wan't to know what my name means. But be forewarned, the movie might give you/make worse PTSD. It's a great movie though. If you can handle "Donnie Darko" you can handle this one too.

I will try to get my profile looking nicer as soon as I can. I create digital and non-digital artwork sometimes.

To the naysayers, i got your wakeup call right here: