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Web Dev/Guitarist

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Hey everyone,
When I was 14 I got a $20 guitar off of Yahoo Auctions. I learned to play by ear throughout high school mostly playing jam band music and classic rock.

When I was in college I declared a jazz studies major. I studied jazz and classical guitar for a while. I ended up switching to IT.

I was using Mac for music. I started running Ubuntu because I was a PHP Dev. I had to sell my Mac for medical expenses and a few days ago I started checking out Linux software for music and support for my presonous audiobox.

I really want to start playing guitar again. And I would like to learn to work with a DAW.

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Re: Web Dev/Guitarist

Post by tramp »

On the road again.

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Re: Web Dev/Guitarist

Post by Michael Willis »

Hey, sorry to hear about the medical issues. Let us know what questions you have as you explore audio production on Linux.

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