newbie in music in general

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newbie in music in general

Post by jsomedon »

Hi guys, I just found this site by searching for stuff related with supercollider. I have absolutely 0 knowledge and experience about music production, music theory, instruments etc. But learning about music and/or instruments have always been on my todo list -- well not with huge priority but I have always been interested in music. Then I discovered supercollider, and to me it looks like an instrument for programmer. Well I am a programmer, so I decided to give it a shot, and so far it has been quite fun to play with it, then I found this nice forum. I guess I will hang around here and occasionally ask some questions about music just in general.

From wiki posts, I see that supercollider falls into "sound synthesis" category, and there are so many of them in this category. I wonder if supercollider is a good one to start with for a beginner like me(so I know linux and programming, but know nothing about music) or is there better one you guys recommend? Ideally I would prefer one with lots of users and good documentation.

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Re: newbie in music in general

Post by CrocoDuck »

Hi, and welcome!

I am not experienced at all in Supercollider, or similar stuff, but Linux is the perfect environment for "music as a programmer", I reckon. Here few things you might want to checkout:

Pure Data is another popular Supercollider kind of thing.
Sonic Pi (check this out).
The Faust programming language to make your audio plugins with ease (I use Faust from time to time, it is brilliant!). Have a look at Romain Michon page.
Csound and Cabbage are good to make plugins, also.
Never tried Chuck, but dropping it in.

And there are few more listed on wikipedia.
Check my Linux audio experiments on my SoundCloud.
Browse my AUR packages.
Fancying a swim in the pond?

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