Greetings and a question

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Greetings and a question

Post by babus »

Hello there, Linuxmusicians!
I recently installed ubuntu studio and i am trying to figure out how things work!
I started reading this: ... ingStarted

I want to use my headphones instead of an outboard soundcard,as i don't have one. On the above mentioned link it is reffered that this can be done,but it is a bit unclear. Do i have to connect my headphones via a usb adaptor in order to achieve what i want?

I also have another,more general question. For the moment, i am only interested in simply recording audio with a microphone and use it
in my videos,as my camera's sound is pretty bad. Is the ubuntu studio installation worth it,or would it be better if i had another installation
and just install the neccessary programs?

Thanks for your time!!!

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Re: Greetings and a question

Post by Michael Willis »

Hi babus! There is a LOT to learn when you are starting out doing audio on Linux. The good news is that audio on Linux has improved significantly over the last ten years or so, and there are lot of powerful components that you can combine in many many different ways in order to develop your own music making workflow. Please don't get discouraged during this initial phase of discovery. This forum is the right place to come with all of your questions, with several knowledgable people who are quite friendly. (Well, unless you want to talk about targeted advertising or software licenses or a few other subjects that for whatever reason get really heated around here :? )
babus wrote: connect my headphones via a usb adaptor
Yes. You are looking for a USB audio interface. These come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and prices, depending on what you want to do. While shopping around, make sure that you get one that will work on Linux. The short story is that "class compliant" devices should work without proprietary drivers. If a device requires a proprietary driver, you won't likely have much luck.

Here are some places to start:

Incidentally, I have a M-Audio Fast Track that I'm thinking of liquidating. If you are interested and happen to live in the USA, let's chat in a private message about it.
babus wrote:Is the ubuntu studio installation worth it
Ubuntu Studio is a fine place to start. Specifically, there are a lot of system tweaks required in order to get decent audio latency without the dreaded "xruns" (the "popping" or "crackling" noises that happen if the buffer is empty because your audio processing software gets behind). Audio-centric distros like Ubuntu Studio, KXStudio, and AVLinux are already set up with a system configuration suitable for audio work.

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