Hello from Flanders, Belgium

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Hello from Flanders, Belgium

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Hi everyone, nice to be new on this forum, seems like a very interesting community for me to join.

I'm Michael, 35, live in Flanders, Belgium and have been playing music / singing for slightly over 20 years now. Haven't been composing much yet, but I do have a nicely working Arch GNU system that I use to record stuff on. I'm using a plain HP Compaq 6910p laptop with a standard HDD in it, 4GB RAM, and the onboard firewire replaced with a Texas Instruments CardBus card for playing nicely with my PreSonus FireStudio Project. Software wise it's mostly Ardour, ZynAddSubFX, and whatever I can find that sounds pretty :). I'm lacking good studio monitors, so I'm stuck with a pair of Philips AK271's and Sennheiser headphones. Whatever works I guess, until I can expand my gear a bit more.

I'm very new at mixing, and looking forward to interacting with all of you.


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Re: Hello from Flanders, Belgium

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Hi Michael, Welkom!

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