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Hello :)

Postby Woody » Wed Dec 10, 2014 9:55 am

Hello ! :)

I'm Woody AKA Matt :) ..from North of France, near Belgium (meaning same time "sorry for my english").

I discovered piano and now I try to learn how to play :) (My step mother have a very nice Playel, my wife is a good piano player... every of this was intimidating to me :D)

Here is my current "setup" :

- I have a M-Audio 88 Keystation ES (not the best, I know.. I just wanted to start cheap)
- A "sampler" and some free soundfonts under Windows 7 (can't remember the name, but sounds Ok).
- A pedal (yes, only one for the moment :) )
- A Tripath amp'
- A set of Magna Monitor 200
- ...a Koss Porta Pro :-D

So far, not that bad. As a total noob, it's more than enough for me in order to learn piano.

So, here is my ideas :

- I want to setup a little computer running under Linux, just for playing piano / listening MP3 and other stuff.
- Perhaps adding a USB-DAC
- Using good quality samples (like "salamander's piano" etc)

..and many others ideas :) I'll search the forum, If I don't find something...I'll open a new topic :)

Sorry to be so verbose :)

Happy music to everybody :-D


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