Ciao from Italy!

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Ciao from Italy!

Post by flaviopante91 »

Hi everyone!
I`m from Italy, and I`m writing my first post in this forum while I`m eating some pizza and playing my beautiful mandolino.
Just kidding, but I love to be a living stereotype. :D
So, I`m a musician, and I kinda new to Linux, so I guess this is a good place to be right now.
I`ve used Linux Mint for like two years along with Windows7, but still I consider myself a newbie (almost never used the terminal, except for copy-and-paste operations...)
I use the computer mainly to compose music, because I`m not rich enough to buy some decent recording stuff (like a pc with more than 1.66 gh processor, for instance), but untill now I`ve always used Windows programs such as Guitar Pro and Synthfont.
Now I want to start exploring the wonderful open source world, but I`m sure I`ll need a help... so, be prepared!
Greetings and salutations for all of you!

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Re: Ciao from Italy!

Post by emarsk »

Greetings from Milan. :)

Be aware that in many languages, English being one of them, "ciao" is used only when leaving (like "goodbye"), but not when meeting ;)
Please, avoid some common spelling errors:

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