Hello from Denver, CO! AVlinux user!

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Hello from Denver, CO! AVlinux user!

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Howdy! Just thought I'd stop off and introduce myself. The name's Dave and I'm in Denver. I started out using 64Studio way back when and never quite figured how how to do anything with it, and then got AVlinux and have been making linux music since summer 2012!

Currently I have upgraded to the latest AVlinux (6.0.2) and have been working on getting it set up. I'm running into some issues, but I'm hopeful they can be resolved and that I'll be making music soon. I am in an international punk rock band (1/2 our members live in Canada) and I have used the system to create demo tracks. Eventually I'd like to step up the quality of components and do some real tracks. Linux has been an awesome way to get into music production without a lot of up-front costs. AVlinux has helped me make my dream of having a small music studio a reality!

Now I just need to get it to work :mrgreen: All in good time!

Thanks for having me aboard!


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Re: Hello from Denver, CO! AVlinux user!

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Welcome, and thanks for the kind words, There is a great community here and I see you've also signed up at the AVL forum so hopefully one way or the other we can help you sort your remaining issues.

Happy Recording!

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