Greetings from Canada!

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The Aviv
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Greetings from Canada!

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Hi everyone,

My name is Aviv. I am glad to be a new part of this great community. I've been using Ubuntu since 2010, and for the past year, Linux Mint 13 (with the MATE desktop environment).

I am currently in the process of figuring out the optimal toolset and workflow for music production under Linux. I've already opened a thread around here, Problems with JSampler and SSO, to address some of the difficulties I came across. I was pleased to receive prompt responses from both falkTX and TheSafePlaces.

I'm a beginner composer with a passion for classical music. As such, my duty involves scoring and production of orchestral pieces - a line of work no different from that of film composers, like TheSafePlaces, who already handed me some useful tips and advices. I've been using MuseScore thus far, and realized a few weeks ago that I must expand my palette to address the important issue of realistic output. Therefore, I am currently learning how to use JACK and LinuxSampler.

Having struggled a bit to find my way around the Linux audio situation, I am also keen on helping improve the infrastructure. One area of interest is to help stabilize a central repository for sample libraries, which I started discussing in the thread I mentioned above.
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Re: Greetings from Canada!

Post by AnthonyCFox »

War, crime, disease, starvation, extreme poverty; these are serious things.
Music? Not so serious. Have some fun! :D
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