From the Land that gave you Sir Robert Menzies, the Adventures of Bent_Fender McKenzie

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From the Land that gave you Sir Robert Menzies, the Adventures of Bent_Fender McKenzie

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Greetings Ladies and Gentleman,
Advised to introduce myself, I am now in the precarious position to now unload a torrent of personal illusions, projections and complexes I consider myself to be, but am quite possibly not; So it's just the facts ma'am.

You see, I am secretly "Superman".

I fell to Australia, having been shot from you know where by Marlon "Graf Zeppelin" Brando, faster than you know what, and have a real problems with a certain Element "and" pickled onions.

I am still using a Windows on a HP Laptop 15s-fq2xxx, hoping to successfully (and COMPLETELY) DE-BILLify myself (and perhaps the planet) and install Ubuntu Studio or the like, praying it will all work with my Steinberg UR22 musical interface without having to bend steel.
I hope to do this so I can get back to work without having to jump through ridiculous flaming Cyber hoops like the Pro Audio like privacy invasive Licensing protocols that seldom work properly and really bend my Fender.

I am sincerely hoping to be of some use, as well as getting advise from the coterie of wonderful souls I have observed here with John Titor, to make certain all my ducks are in a row so I don't go off half cocked, and ruin an at least functioning windows machine prematurely, and and end up with nothing at all, thus creating large problems when I aspire to the alternatives.
Troubles tend to take me to the "Bizarro World" to use my Super powers for Evil where I am called Namrepus which is a Squarer nomination than a Lego omelette.

I have played guitar since 1967, was classically trained to about Licentiate equivalence, but mainly did this to develop a good right hand for Jazz and contrapuntal finger style idioms.
I sincerely hope you are all well given the times being as they are, and as I said, give as GOOD as I get.

Please keep the "S" under my shirt front and other Super bits just between us, as Lex likes to Spam me.

Roll Credits:

Tate tate taa, ta tefe taaa, tate ta ta ta tatefe taaa etc. (Original George Reeves tune not Williams)

Be well all :)
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Re: From the Land that gave you Sir Robert Menzies, the Adventures of Bent_Fender McKenzie

Post by Basslint »

Welcome! I own a Steinberg UR22 and used it to make music on GNU/Linux (openSUSE) without issues!
The community of believers was of one heart and mind, and no one claimed that any of his possessions was his own, but they had everything in common. [Acts 4:32]

Please donate time (even bug reports) or money to libre software 🎁

Jam on openSUSE + GeekosDAW!
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