Hello from a French dev/beeps maker!

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Hello from a French dev/beeps maker!

Post by SirProko »

Hi! My name's Proko, I'm a French software developer by day, and I enjoy fooling around with music and audio as a hobby! I also like birds a lot. :>

I've been a Linux user for well over 12 years now (I set up my first linux-only netbook in 2009, and I've been dual-booting it before that), and got interested in software development since around that time, and I have been doing it professionally for a little over four years now!

I've always been a bit intrigued by music and audio, but only since maybe 3 or 4 years I've been interested to really dig into it more (in good part thanks to Unfa's videos!).

At first I was doing some mixes in Audacity and then Ardour (I was terrified of MIDI back then lol), and since a couple of years I've been learning more about music theory and regularly fooling around with synthesizers.

Since my only hardware is my computer and a MIDI keyboard, I dabble in electronic genres, but I like lots of other stuff as well! It usually depends on the mood, but if there's heavy bass or extra-large harmonies I'm gonna enjoy it whatever it is. :P

I have yet to complete a track actually (I'm more of the "fool around and move on" type usually with music), but I'm hoping that'll change with this month's Libre Music Challenge! If I can finish it in time. :D

Anyways, that's all for me, very nice to meet you all! ^^
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Re: Hello from a French dev/beeps maker!

Post by LAM »

Welcome @SirProko! :D
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Re: Hello from a French dev/beeps maker!

Post by Basslint »

Nice to meet you! :D
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