Hi from Geelong Australia

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Hi from Geelong Australia

Post by damo76 »

Hello all,

I'm Damien, I've been programming midi since the Roland MC500. Been using PCs for audio forever. Just recently decided to build a stable linux box for a standalone hardware device. Getting there slowly.

Hope I can get advice on how to get the latency down on debian distro.


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Re: Hi from Geelong Australia

Post by Bella »

Hi Damien!

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Re: Hi from Geelong Australia

Post by milo »

Welcome to the forum, and glad to have you here. You should head over to the System Tuning and Configuration subforum and see if some of the discussions there are helpful to you. (viewforum.php?f=27) Good luck!

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Re: Hi from Geelong Australia

Post by Basslint »

Welcome! The first thing to get your latency down is to use (and properly configure) JACK. Being a native English speaker, you will be able to find a lot of info here as well as elsewhere on the web, but in case you need just ask :D
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