New Garage Band Recorder

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New Garage Band Recorder

Post by ericjmcd »

Hey folks - new member from outside LA. I'm a father of 3 boys that found some other parent musicians who started jamming in my garage. I set up an old Windows laptop with Ubuntu 18.04 and Ardour along with a Tascam US-16x08 to do some live recordings for a reality check (mostly to hear my rusty guitar chops).

Hoping to find some help here with handling these live recordings in Ardour and then share some knowledge (assume I learn something).
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Re: New Garage Band Recorder

Post by AlexTheBassist »

There's nothing specific about mixing on Linux. It's the same as on any other platform. Setting up a Linux audio workstation is certainly different than with macOS/Windows, but once you did that, you can use your studio PC for years without any maintenance but installing updates, which also include new plugin versions and stuff.
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Re: New Garage Band Recorder

Post by English Guy »

Welcome. Lots of good stuff here. Though some on here are into the sythy stuff, which has some different requirements to recording a band.

I am sure a good Google will get you some helpful videos

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Re: New Garage Band Recorder

Post by milo »

Yes, there are a handful of us here that like to record human beings playing conventional instruments. :) We're happy to share our tools and knowledge with you, and hope that you will share yours with us. And also your recordings -- please post them!

Welcome to the forum!

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