Nvidia why they don't release 3D driver source

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Re: Nvidia why they don't release 3D driver source

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Re: Nvidia why they don't release 3D driver source

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I've not read this full thread - just pages 1 +4 - but I too found it very strange indeed that the OP managed to say something that caused NV to 'take it to their decision makers'. I'd suspect they were just trying to give the impression something might happen.

I've been reading phoronix for years although I'm no expert in the Linux graphics stack but the 'valid' reason I've heard given for Nvidia not open sourcing their drivers is that they use 3rd party, patented and licensed but very much non-free code within their drivers eg S3 texture compression etc. So there you go!

If having open drivers is real important to you then buy a machine with the latest Intel graphics embedded. Yes, the Intel hardware doesn't compete with NV and AMD/ATIs high end cards when used with their closed drivers but Intels hardware is good enough these days for most everyone except maybe hardcore gamers and video pros, their hardware is often supported in xorg and the kernel before its even released and their latest offerings provide pretty decent performance on the whole, unlike their weaker chipsets of 5/10 years ago which definitely weren't competing with the red and green corps.

If buying a new machine is not an option but open source drivers is a big concern then buy an A** card because at least they release full documentation and specs for most of their hardware for those wanting to write open source drivers. However its still not ideal because at least NVs non-free driver usually lets you fully use your hardware and this can't be said for the Catalyst- the non-free A** driver which forever seems to be catching up and dropping support for stuff.
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