Good bye

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Good bye

Postby Lyberta » Mon Mar 25, 2019 2:31 pm

I've know when I'm shown the door so here goes.

Fuck all you, good bye.

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Re: Good bye

Postby d.healey » Mon Mar 25, 2019 2:44 pm

What's this in response to? - Freedom respecting sample libraries and audio plugins - Sample library creation and HISE scripting tutorials

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Michael Willis
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Re: Good bye

Postby Michael Willis » Mon Mar 25, 2019 2:45 pm

In all sincerity, may you tread on happy trails.

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Re: Good bye

Postby j_e_f_f_g » Mon Mar 25, 2019 10:30 pm

Monty Hall strikes again.

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Re: Good bye

Postby lilith » Mon Mar 25, 2019 10:52 pm

What did I miss?

Debian 9 (XFCE) & KXStudio repos

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Re: Good bye

Postby zoco » Tue Mar 26, 2019 12:20 am

Some foolish reprehensible terrorist shit i think? I would not know what else.
Lyberta wrote:Thankfully, we have terrorism, as long as we all join a terrorist organization, we will be free from government's oppression.


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