We need more "Tags" to get seekers here!

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We need more "Tags" to get seekers here!

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I have been on a quest for a few years now to find drivers, or get Line 6 to get off their duffs, and make drivers for my Line 6 stuff.

I yet again went through the roof after Installing PC-BSD on my MacBook Pro, and found out nothing worked. I went to a LInux and not only was my MIDI (LIne 6 KB37) dead, but none of my audio worked.

I have a personal beef with Apple, and have learned to despise OS X and especially Apple Inc.. I am not fond of a lot of GUI stuff and icons. I much prefer just getting down to it and trying to lay tracks. In the Open Source world lies tons of small wonderful things to make music with, but its so darn hard to find interfaces that work.

Personally, I will not buy any Line 6 equipment again. They have not just ignored everybody going Open Source, but have gotten rude with it too. No equipment in the world is worth all that. And Line 6 'aint all that' anyway.

But anyway, I am glad I just now found this Forum, and I look forward to finding the answers to my problem of being stuck with a MacBook Pro with stinking OS X and a few $1000 in software no good for nothing but OS X, and I so desperately want to get Linux or FreeBSD on here and get back to jamming, the right way, the F/OSS way!

Do us all a favor though, and make the search engines find this forum. It was by luck I found it. If I had not typed "Linux Musicians" I still would never know this was here.

Yea, I bitched at Line 6 plenty, and finally they tossed some Source Code out in the field, but the way they did it was very disrespectful in my opinion. I do not care what Line 6 does anymore, this guy will never buy their crap again no matter how good they might make it in the future. As it is now, I am much happier with my little $100 Korg Pandora Mini than all my Logic Studio and Line 6 junk combined. I do not need Line 6 or OS X so bad now that I can not live without it.

I will go F/OSS with or without any Line 6, or anything else I have that is recalcitrant about supporting F/OSS Music. My Freedom means everything to me. I will not buy another Apple product again either. Its Think Pads for me and ARM machines running all F/OSS, and if the rest is not a friendly, I am done with it too!

Thanks for having this Forum here. It is much appreciated. Just please, for the sake of the others lost out there like I was(am), I just left the Line 6 site again, and it was horrible. So much bad information, and no good leads. Please try to get the search engines directing people here.


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Re: We need more "Tags" to get seekers here!

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I'd like to let you know that the "latest" BSD kernel may not be compatible with all the latest hardware.

Also, are you using a TonePort (legacy) or POD? According to this website the KB37 does not have the MIDI IN/OUT ports but only USB for MIDI connection. This is useful if you want to use a USB audio interface with MIDI IN/OUT ports, 2 1/4" inputs and 2 1/4" outputs.

Anyway, sorry you have trouble finding the website. Welcome to hte foru.
--Grayson Peddie

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Re: We need more "Tags" to get seekers here!

Post by wolftune »

Regarding the SEO points, one of the best bets is to get more websites to link here.
I recently updated my website (wolftune.com) with a section on GNU/Linux and it includes a link to this website. If you and more people you know can spread around the link that will help.

There may be other SEO tactics too, but one way or another more linking to this site will help people find it!

Glad you're here. I'm a newbie myself, also transitioning from Apple. You'll find the folks here are wonderfully encouraging and helpful…
Aaron Wolf
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