'Thanks for posts' plugin for phpBB3

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Re: 'Thanks for posts' plugin for phpBB3

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milk wrote:
Fri May 15, 2020 12:38 pm
Having thought about it, I wouldn't be keen on the other emoji reactions plugin, the one that is like the current FB experience, I do think it would stir up potential for more wondering-about-the-intention-of-reactions rather than a simple 'silent' "thanks".
I was the one who mentioned the emoji system but I am actually against them myself :lol:

I think that your intent is noble and understandable, however a 1-bit system would not prevent people from "thanking" offensive posts.

I think that posting "thanks" maybe is the best thing. Not all people are polite/empathetic enough to thank devs for their hard work on free software but I think that just one people thanking you as a free software developer can change your day, perhaps your life! :D
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Re: 'Thanks for posts' plugin for phpBB3

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@milk I looked at the ODROID link you posted. You must need to be logged in to see the 'thanks' button, or the number of 'thanks' a post has. For us to see what you mean we'd need a screenshot.

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Re: 'Thanks for posts' plugin for phpBB3

Post by milk »

It looks like this;

Does it also display publicly who gives negatives ?
There are no negatives.

It's a 1-bit system, i.e., it has two states, e.g. "Thumb up" and, well, no thumb up. :)
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