Suggestion: VCV Rack section !

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Suggestion: VCV Rack section !

Post by jonetsu »

Yep, a forum section devoted to VCV Rack and Rack modules.

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Re: Suggestion: VCV Rack section !

Post by sysrqer »

Yeah, definitely deserved I would say.
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Re: Suggestion: VCV Rack section !

Post by mixe »

I would use it.
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Re: Suggestion: VCV Rack section !

Post by Basslint »

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Re: Suggestion: VCV Rack section !

Post by ssj71 »

VCV has a forum of their own
I see many threads about it here, which is great, but they are not so many that I ever thought there should be a dedicated section for it. Most sections are either the official support forum for the project (musE, kxstudio, drumgizmo), or general like plugins, news, developers section etc. I guess I'm just a little worried about creating an unofficial forum for someone else's project.

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