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Re: transition everything to Discourse

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bluebell wrote:
Basslint wrote:I haven't read the whole discussion (so apologies) but I actually like that this site does not require javascript and it's very light.

phpBB is free software and it can be easily customized. If looks are the problem (and I would agree on that), that can be easily changed. Take a look at this for example.

The emojis are also awful and dated, and so is BBcode (there is a plugin for Markdown support). I propose (and am willing to contribute as a coder, within my constraints of time and skills) to work on the existing code base instead.
People wanting "a more modern layout" can use a personal userCSS:

- Huge font sizes
- Big "scroll-to-death" spaces
- Hardly readable but beautiful Webfonts
- Maybe it's even possible to include big Javascript libraries to slow down the page rendering. Bonus points if they mine Bitcoins for some hacker sites.
- Random pop-ups getting in your way telling you stories about cookies and new articles

Thinking about what today's webdesigners' "good design" is this version of doesn't look so bad anymore: ...
Well, if we are active users here I think we don't mind the looks! It's more about attracting new users.
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