Dutch-language subforum?

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Dutch-language subforum?

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Greetings all,

Out of curiosity, I regularly take stock of the 'New to Linux Musicians?' forum, interested in where posters are coming from.

Replies to new correspondents from Germany, France, Italy, Spain - and lots of other countries, undoubtedly - often include links to sites where going issues can be discussed in German, French, Italian, Spanish - and so on. But there's no such thing for Dutch, I noticed.

After 14 years in England (and counting) my English surely is to native tongue standard. Technical jargon, however - as frequently occurring in these forums - is an entirely different kettle of fish: often going way over my head. In such cases, some clarification in Dutch would really be helpful, occasionally, as far as I'm concerned.

My query here is as to whether there'd be any interest in setting up a Dutch-language link/subforum. I wouldn't know how to do this myself, to be honest - but maybe someone out there likes the idea enough to give it hands and feet.


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