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Post by DavidScott »

I'm looking for something that will slice samples and then allow me to organize them into patterns. Something standalone would be preferred, as well as have the ability to create pattern lengths as long as I would like. It would take me too long to write entire songs in 4 bar chunks (I never play the same pattern/beat twice), export them, then start working on the next one, repeat, etc.

I took a look at Freecycle, but it does not feature a built-in sequencer. Smasher almost worked for me, but whenever the loop repeats, you get that annoying delay/click before the first beat starts again.

Are there any other programs out there that can perform these tasks seamlessly?

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Re: Slicing/Sequencing

Post by SR »

Renoise will do it, but it's not exactly free (although the demo version is very usable).

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