Qtractor mapping MIDI controller

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Re: Qtractor mapping MIDI controller

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samtuke wrote:
whether supported, make your Oxygen 61 keyboard send MMC messages instead of MIDI CC
I can make the keyboard send MMC, but how then do I determine how qtractor will react to them? if the midi commands that qtractor accepts are hardcoded, where are they listed? or if I can choose how qtractor reacts to the commands, where can I set them?
MMC have very clear and strict semantics; qtractor just reacts to MMC commands by face value, literally. iow. yes, MMC is hard-coded to the very specific transport state functions (start, stop, record, locate, rew, ffwd, etc.).

you can only discriminate which MMC device-id is in control of a specific session, in case you have several qtractor instances running and each controlled from its own control surface device (see View/Options.../MIDI/Control)


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