Can't add program changes in Qtractor clips. (IGNORE)

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Can't add program changes in Qtractor clips. (IGNORE)

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Here's the usecase.

Tracks are setup (193 of them) each with an .ins file. All are routed out to a single large Linuxsampler standalone instance running in RaySessions (NSM capable app) and loaded with my orchestral gig files (of which there are many).

1. When i add or record a clip, i'd like to add program changes. I select program change from the dropdown menu in the midi editor, but i can't add a patch, as the patch menu dropdown to the right is greyed out.

As i understand it, the .ins file i have loaded in the track header should show up as patches in the midi editor for any clips on the same track. Is this correct? If so, it's not happening at the moment.

2. Trying an alternative, i select program change from the dropdown menu, then manually add a program change in the CC/data lane below the canvas.
But no matter what i add there, nothing changes. The only patch that will play is the initial patch i set in the track header, from the selected track's loaded .ins file.

I finally have Qtractor running fairly sweetly with large projects, and i'd like to solve this problem to continue on in the same way.


EDIT. Just read in qtractor github issues that Qtractor midi is built to assume 1 track=1 channel=1 patch.

Regardless of whether this is considered good design or not, it's Qtractor design, and I now know why i've been having no luck.

I was going to scrap this post, but it's better staying, as a clue to other users expecting common patch change behaviour.

I'm off to add a coupla/few hundred more tracks...

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