changing sounds for live-setup

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changing sounds for live-setup

Post by Musicteacher »

I use qtractor for preparing a live-mix for a small band. For my last gig I saved the settings for each song in a qtractor-file and loaded the next file for the next song.

For my next project, there will be a kind medley involved, so this won't be fast enough.

What I would like: Click on one key and my next set of sounds is loaded (without audible interruption).

Real automation would solve the problem, of course, but we don't use a clicktrack, so this will not work out.

My idea so far:
- pre-load all sounds (for instance: 3 tracks for the keyboard, all connected to the right midi port, with different sounds / plugins) and mute those that are not needed
- with automation I can mute / unmute tracks.

So, instead of playing my automation, I can click on the next area (for instance, every song has 2 bars in my qtractor-file), and all sounds are changed.

But I need to use the mouse for that, and - even worse - I need to ctrl-click. A one-key-solution would be better.

Any ideas?

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Re: changing sounds for live-setup

Post by noedig »

I made this a while ago, which allows you to activate different tracks in Ardour from a MIDI message. It should work for different backtracks for songs:

Konfyt can be used for live keyboard playing - instantly switch between patches containing different sounds:

Other related software that might be of use:
Linux Show Player
Backupband (also search this forum for more info)

For MIDI only (might be useful to combine with other tools):
Mididings (route MIDI, ability to have different "scenes")

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