Easiest and best way to make rock drums

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Re: Easiest and best way to make rock drums

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noedig wrote:I don't know a lot (arguably anything) about drums, but I have found that, for me, it works best just programming drums using MIDI in Ardour (would be similar in Mixbus).
Start with bass and kick to get basic rythm/feel, then add repeating highhat to keep tempo, and there you have a very basic groove. Then add fills and crashes to taste.
For final target, yes. I've tried some amount, but what I create myself, they sound boring, and like my drummer friend says about my fills 'that sounds more like an mistake than fill'
noedig wrote: For dragging/dropping the grooves in MtPowerDrumkit, perhaps try it in Reaper running in Wine (or Windows), then export to MIDI?
Looking name of the pattern and dragging that pattern from file manager to track is easier (see thread viewtopic.php?f=1&t=15686 )
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