Ever use ORCA sequencing environment?

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Ever use ORCA sequencing environment?

Post by loxstep »

A friend of mine made this video to show off ORCA, which is sequencer I guess (although they refer to is as an environment.)
I suppose it could be used for things beyond audio, but in the video she's using it to control midi.


Every character does some kind of operation, and it's on this grid where you can route things. So this could be used to create generative music, or something similar to livecoding

My friend, explaining how it works:

There is a linux version, and it is open source (mit license)

Thought someone here might get a kick out of it.
I haven't used it yet, and I'm somewhat intimidated by the interface. I like the simplicity but I don't have time to memorize what the letters do.
Has anyone else tried this out?

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