recording with audio out port?

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recording with audio out port?

Post by hegal »

Hello im using a Lenovo computer and arch linux.
unfortunately i dont have a 'mic in' port on my laptop but i would like to get some 'mic in' signal (or 'line in'? maybe doesnt matter).
i just have my 'audio out' port. which would be the green audio port on a computer.

is there some way i could recognize this 'audio out' port as a 'mic in' or something like this?
i would like to record something with a microphone or even better i want to record my keyboard through my 'audio out' port.

i was thinking of this before i have to get an audio interface.
thankies a lot <3
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Re: recording with audio out port?

Post by finotti »

Are you sure it's just out? Some laptops have a port, similar to ones in cell phones, that has a stereo out and a mono in (mic).

Maybe you can take a look at alsamixer to see if there are any inputs. (If not, I don't know how to help, except maybe suggesting you buy a USB audio interface, which might not be what you have in mind...)
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Re: recording with audio out port?

Post by flappix »

Most Lenovo Laptops have these combo-jacks which can handle in- and output, but you will need a 3-channel connector you can find on headsets in order to use it.
If you have a normal stereo connector you will need something like this:

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