Ardour slow GUI performance

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Ardour slow GUI performance

Post by PatS »

After having used Ardour5 more regularly recently, I realized that my system is suffering from this issue.
Zooming, scrolling, moving things around, even just dragging the rubberband box around regions - graphics are slow and choppy.

This is with Ardour5.5 on KXStudio14.04 (same problem on 16.04).
Hardware: Mobility Radeon HD 4350/4550 with open source radeon driver

Compared it to another machine with different graphics card (onboard Intel graphics) where all is fine.

I understand it's the combination of Ardour, Cairo library and open source radeon driver. As far as I've researched, there's no proprietary driver available anymore for my hardware on 14.04 and above.

This is the first time ever I'm having to worry about graphics hardware on this machine of mine (HP Probook 6550b).
It sits nicely in its docking station most of the time, giving me a perfect dual screen desktop experience.

So before panicing and abandoning my rig just because of Ardour, are there any solutions or workarounds to this GUI issue that I might try?

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