ardour not visible in qjack

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ardour not visible in qjack

Post by LarrySummers »

When I fire up Rosegarden then go into Qjack, Rosegarden has configured Jack so that Rosegarden shows up in the routing for Audio, Midi, etc. But when I start up Ardour I don't see any reference to Ardour in QJack. Audio works fine in Ardour, but I'm trying to get midi working in Ardour (works in Rosegarden). Is there a way to insert Ardour routings into Jack? Thanks.
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Re: ardour not visible in qjack

Post by AyeLinux »

Ardour from v 4 and up lets you choose between JACK and direct ALSA connections. Are you sure Ardour is set to use JACK?
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Re: ardour not visible in qjack

Post by Pablo »

Note also that ardour will use jack midi while Rosegarden uses alsa midi. You need a bridge to route alsa midi to/from jack midi (ajmidid or similar).

I recommend you launch qjacktl and start jack from it before any jack-aware program instead of letting Rosegarden start jack.
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