Automating plugin patch changes with Ardour. (issue)

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Automating plugin patch changes with Ardour. (issue)

Postby dednikko » Tue Apr 22, 2014 1:06 am

Hello my fellow Penguins,

I have been stalled on a project by something that seems like it ought to work, but doesn't work consistently.

I want to automate preset/patch selection in Ardour. I know that a few plugins such as Loomer Aspect will play nice with patch change signals, and they work just as I would expect them to. This is because Aspect has a patch change dialog where you can assign presets to specific patch change signals.

If I try to automate patch changes for TriceratopsLV2, It appears to ignore the signal, and has no patch change setup built in that I can see.

Is there any way to get Ardour to select a preset based on this patch change signal.

Thanks for any help/enlightenment you can provide!

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